Thursday, January 10, 2013

Has Your Family Battled With Illness This Winter?

This winter has brought us nice warm weather.  While most of our wallets have enjoyed the lower utility and/or gas bills, a lot of people have suffered from colds, flu, and other pesky illnesses this winter.  Many people have gotten those illnesses a couple times.  While there are many reason for this, the air quality in your home may be contributing to those illnesses!
With the unseasonably mild temperatures, the heating system in most homes do not need to run.  During the day, the sun provides enough heat to warm up your home.  In many cases, this causes your heating system to run only very late at night or early in the morning, and even then it only cycles on a few times.  So what does that have to do with you being sick?  Well, your heating system not only heats your home, it also moves the air in your home.  When the air in your home is circulated, it is being filtered.  You can enhance the quality of your air by using a top quality air filtration system.  Combine that with an air purifier that is designed to help remove dust, mold spores, some bacteria, and odors from the air and you can be assured that the air being cycled through your home is as pure as it can possibly be.
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**Air Quality Tip:  During times of low heating or cooling use, run the fan a couple times a day to circulate the air throughout your home.  This is easily done by changing the fan to on instead of auto.  Just be sure to set the fan back to auto before going to bed.  This is not as ideal as the actual system running, but it stop the air in your home from becoming stagnant.**