Friday, August 3, 2012

AC Tune Ups, Check-Ups, Maintenance...What's the Difference?

We are only about half way through the hot weather, and your AC has already had A LOT of run time.  If you haven't had your AC checked so far, you should!  There are still a lot of running hours and hot weather to go.

Lots of companies are running specials.  There are "Tune Ups", "Safety Checks", "Check-Ups", the list goes on and on.  So what's the difference, is it just terminology?  Not always.  You should always read (even the fine print) or call and find out what is included.  By doing this you will be able to weed out what is a marketing ploy and what is truely beneficial.

When having your AC checked, what really needs to be done?  Different people will tell you different things.  Carolina Heating & Air desing believes these are the basics:

  1. First, your system should be checked once a season!  This is for optimal operation.  Also, in the heating season, this will guarantee your safety.  A check will make sure you do not have any carbon monoxide leaking, which as we all know is DEADLY!  So, we always recommend having your heating checked pre-season.
  2. Second, but just as important as the first, technicians should be checking both components of your AC system.  Your AC system uses more than just the part outside.  The evaporator coil is attached to your furnace, and is a major component to the operation of the AC.  The evaporator coil, furnace, or air handler is generally located in a crawl space, attic, or closet of your home.  If the technician didn't go in that area, you didn't have a proper service performed!  *A package unit is the only system where everything is contained outside the house.
  3. Check your refrigerant levels.
  4. Check and test all the parts.  This will let you know if a part is bad, or just as important, if a part is getting weak or showing signs it is going bad.
  5. Check your ductwork.
  6. Check your thermostat.
  7. Wash the condenser coil (outdoor unit).  There are different levels to washing the condenser coil.  Water washing the coil is the minimum that needs to be performed yearly.  The more thorough cleaning uses chemicals and takes longer to perform.  Generally, this is not included in specials.
  8. Clean your drain lines.
As we mentioned in the first two items, the most important thing is to have ALL components of the heating and air conditioning system checked yearly.  The most efficient way to have your system performing properly is to sign up for a yearly maintenance agreement.  Carolina Heating & Air Design offers a Preferred Customer Agreement (PCA) which gives you two visits per year, 15% discount, and priority scheduling.  The agreement gives you in-depth cleaning and diagnostics of your equipment. 

Whatever your situation or budget, Carolina Heating & Air Design has a service for you!
Check out our service options on our website and call us today to schedule!


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